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About Us

Who we are

Le Mude Ltd is a strategic business consultancy company, having its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

The name comes from a fourteenth century Venetian fleet. At the time, the Senate of Venice organized the first fleet leaving for Constantinople, Romania and the Black Sea or for the Flanders and England.

Subsequently, next convoys were formed to go to the Levant with stops in Egypt and Beirut, Cyprus and Lesser Armenia. Le Mude system was an all inclusive concept involving not only international trades but also international public relations and networking. The system was able to guarantee the prosperity of an entire community linking a small city to all the main capitals of the known world.

Today, Le Mude Ltd is committed to create tailor made services on the Client needs, working together for the success of shared projects.

Le Mude Ltd can assist you in the following areas:
 Business Networks
  • Creation of business networks
  • Management of business networks
  • Consulting on specific needs




 Import-Export Assistance
  • End market identification
  • Custom and logistic assistance
  • HORECA and GDO sales assistance
  • Foreign counterpart references research




European Funding & Project Design
  • Research and study of ad hoc EU funds
  • Research of international partners
  • Drafting and submission of European projects to the competent EU bodies
  • Civil Society Organisations Management
  • EU Funded Project Development & Management


 Project Finance
  • Business Plan
  • Administrative and Legal assistance
  • Legal and Administrative guidance for doing international business
  • Drafting international contracts
  • Advising on cross-border alliances & international Joint ventures
  • Distribution arrangements
  • Assistance to artists in the proposition/ sell of their art works, organization of exhibitions and events
  • Research of sponsors and financing bodies


When involved in a project, Le Mude Ltd focuses on the preparation of contracts, country study, relations with the public Administration, search of business partners, support services activities such as cultural assistance during negotiations.