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European Funding and Project Design

Very often, companies and communities do not have the time to look for the right funding or the capacity to have in house project designers, this often leads to lack of information on funding opportunities, finding out about funding opportunities at a very late stage and consequently miss them, and the opportunities, or make applications which are judged by the EU to be ineligible.

At Le Mude ltd we identify EU funding opportunities that are appropriate to the nature, size, status, mission and goals of the company, association or community asking for our advice.

We provide support and opportunities for the development of our clients and local communities interested in capitalize on EU funding and other sources of funding.

We develop effective international partnerships, a standard requisite for accessing EU funding nowadays. At Le Mude we also prepare project proposals which are robust and in a format matching EU requirements. We have the experience and understand how applications are evaluated by the EU, this is the reason why, together with our clients, we draft applications for funding as competitive as possible.

Le Mude can assist you also in the effective project management of the EU grant contract. Last, but not least, we can assist our clients in reporting on the use of EU funds and ensuring compliance to EU procedures.